Sunday, September 26, 2010

For the Love....

Short post, not like the marathon posts that I have been posting...

A lot of times we get caught in how HARD dance is and how MUCH work it is... Especially cause I've been telling you these things...

But it's very important to remember to enjoy your journey. You aren't dancing to be perfect, you aren't dancing to impress a boy, you aren't dancing to impress anyone... you are dancing because you genuinely enjoy it. Sometimes you need to remind yourself of that.

Personally, I love performing... I don't necessarily enjoy being watched so that I can impress people... I just love the feeling of sharing something that I've worked hard on... So when I'm in class and slumping it a little... it always helps to imagine myself on stage, with stage lights blaring on me, in full costume and make up and me dancing the heck out of my tendu's! And yeah... tendu's are rarely stage worthy, but I always just think of the fact that doing these endless tendu's will prepare me for that big stage moment... I promise... every dancer who has had that big stage moment, where "people pay 75 bucks a ticket to see you dance" (as I said on Saturday) has felt the boring-ness of a million tendu's... but they kept at it... for the love of what they do!

Please leave a comment of what you love most about dancing.. and how you are going to remember that after our third tendu combination at barre this week!

And the video of the week... Lilac fairy from Sleeping Beauty!!! *note the 4 pirouettes... AHHHH!!!*

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  1. What I love most about dancing is performing, to finally show off all that I've worked on for so long,